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Sunday, November 17, 2013

I agree Dream Big!


Without going through an expensive and onerous SEC registration, companies will be able to sell up to $1 million of stock per year to an unlimited number of investors. Individuals who earn less than $100,000 a year can invest up to $2,000 per company per year; wealthier folks can invest 10% of their income up to $100,000.

Water is the key to life on Earth. We will get no more of it than is here now. If we do not learn to facilitate its true value and distribute it to conserve life here on this Planet. We will have failed our purpose for creation. Everything happens for a reason. That's why we are here.

            Nextime Conservation Corporation (hereafter, known as NCC) is a company which has one major patent that is dedicated  to Water Conservation. The patent, which is a Showerhead Timepiece, is a response to the need for saving water, by behaviour modification. That is, if people are aware how long they are in a shower (by the visual display), they will know how much water and energy they are using.

US7761937 B2 The sealed timepiece 40 may also include as an accessory, not shown but contemplated within the scope of this shower head insert where new technologies may apply, a video screen or a small radio. It is also contemplated that a recharging means, not shown, may also be included using the water flow associated with the shower head, to recharge the internal low voltage power supply 45, with a type of water wheel generation system. 100. Further, since numerous modifications and changes will occur with those skilled in the art, if is not the intent of this disclosure to limit the improvement to the exact construction and operation shown a described. Thus and accordingly, all suitable modifications and improvements resorted to may be considered within the scope of this improvement to any conventional shower head.

The company wants to use this patent to help save the planet from  unnecessary waste and damage. The West Coast, particularly California, has severe water problems and this patent will enable States, municipalities, water and energy companies to conserve our precious supplies, as well as reducing the carbon footprint by allowing their customers to see what they can save on not only the bill, but educate their family members on how they can contribute to saving. Most of the family expenses are  already a set amount. If you shorten your shower by 2 min. a day, you can save 342 pounds of carbon dioxide per year. Some 7 Billion people now on Earth.

Water Conservation is not just a problem for the United States. It is worldwide problem, and conservation is at the top of the list, as means of a solution. Currently involved in a 10 million dollar Campaign on Indiegogo and will continue to move forward with several Campaigns per year. Those who are hired on the Board of Directors will begin to roll out the plan and Master Mind it far beyond my Life time. I was confident enough to bring it Ten full Calendars the only reward being I knew what the end result would be as long as I believed. That's how you separate yourself from the non believers even if you are all alone for a period of time. 

Nextime Conservation Corporation is highly optimistic of the future of Water Conservation and its unique product.

The exact drawing, specifications and details of our patents will be made available to a suitable or potential partner. It might be necessary to request for an NDA to be signed, although, we are content that our patents will protect us from any misdeeds.

We would welcome interested ,suitable and potential partners contacting us for their interest in being involved in this $1 Billion business of water conservation.

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